Sweet Betty

Sweet Forage Sorghum

Sweet Betty is a high yielding sorghum X sorghum hybrid that has high sugar levels.
These levels make it very palatable and enhance its energy value.
Sweet Betty can be grazed, or used as cut and carry, and also silage.
A high leaf to stem ratio with juicy sweet stalks enhances the desirability of this
excellent forage product.

Sweet Betty
Soil Fertility
Sorghum is best suited to fertile soils. Ensure potassium levels are adequate in acidic soils. Do not exceed 110kg/ha of nitrogen. An independent soil test is advised before sowing.
Sweet Betty
Forage Management
Avoid grazing or cutting sorghum below 15cm plant height. First grazing or cutting should be conducted at approximately 1 metre to increase plant productivity. Be aware of the risk of prussic acid (HCN) poisoning with forage sorghums. Risk is greatest when crops are <60cm high or are moisture stressed or frosted. Cut or graze when 60-120cm high to maintain best quality.
Sweet Betty
Sow seeds shallow into adequately moistened soil.