SeedVision, a joint venture between AGT Foods Africa and S&W, has announced the appointment of Willa Rossouw as Commercial Manager, SeedVision, to head the production and sale of sunflower, grain sorghum and forage sorghum into Africa, Middle East and Europe. “I am excited at the opportunity to turn SeedVision into one of the leading seed companies in the world,” said Willa. Willa’s love for agriculture began at an early age growing up on a wine farm in the Western Cape. His career had humble beginnings, starting off as an assistant at a wholesale plant nursery.

Over the years his experience in the seed industry has included research and development, sales, project management and most recently as marketing development manager for a leading seed company. His travels to various countries gave him the unique opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge, experience and insight into the business and farming activities of different cultures and environmental conditions.

“With the backing of two powerhouses in AGT Foods Africa and S&W, I am confident we will take production of these very important crops to a new level. It is fantastic to be able to grow our farming and production in Southern Africa. AGT will utilise its seed cleaning and warehousing facilities in Krugersdorp and production facilities in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania, which are to be expanded throughout the continent in the near future. AGT Foods Africa is a subsidiary of AGT Food and Ingredients, a Canadian-based supplier of value-added pulses, staple foods and food ingredients.