Welcome to Seed Vision

SeedVision Pty. Ltd. is Africa’s newest hybrid seed company and combines the strengths of 2 leading global agricultural players to create a seed powerhouse for the African continent.

A joint venture between AGT Foods Africa and S&W Seed Company, SeedVision will leverage AGT Foods Africa’s production and processing facilities to produce S&W’s hybrid sunflower, grain sorghum and forage sorghum for sale by SeedVision in the African continent, Middle East countries and Europe.

AGT Foods Africa

AGT Foods Africa, a subsidiary of Canadian food giant AGT Foods, will utilize its production resources in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania, and its seed cleaning and warehousing facilities at Krugersdorp, South Africa.

AGT is one of the largest suppliers of value-added pulses, staple foods and food ingredients in the world.  AGT Foods Africa / Advance Seed is a trusted specialist supplier of agricultural production, processing and trading services, with a geographic footprint that extends to much of the African continent.

S & W

US based S&W provides expertise in agricultural breeding, production and processing for the alfalfa, sunflower, sorghum species, and stevia industries. In 2016, S&W acquired Australian based SV Genetics, a sorghum and sunflower genetics company. This was followed in 2018 by the acquisition of sorghum seed company Chromatin Inc. in the USA. These 2 acquisitions positioned S&W as a leading supplier of sorghum and sunflower genetics. By leveraging S&W breeding operations in the USA, Australia, Hungary and Argentina SeedVision will have access to the best genetics in the industry.

SeedVision has an elite portfolio of hybrid sorghum and hybrid sunflower germplasm that is ideally suited for the African market.

SeedVisions grain sorghum hybrids have been developed to bring to market varieties with superior field performance containing key attributes such as high yield, tolerances to extreme weather conditions such as drought, insect and disease resistance, high grain quality and harvestability.

As forage sorghum is used mainly for cattle grazing, hay production and silage, SeedVisions forage sorghum varieties feature superior stem quality, standability, high sugar levels, high dry matter production, and low prussic acid levels.

The SeedVision sunflower portfolio has benefited from S&W’s partnerships with leading global companies to develop elite sunflower hybrids with disease resistant characteristics, specific oil profiles—both oleic and linoleic—and which maximize yield potential for different growing conditions around the world.